“Where are you, God? Why won't you answer me? She screamed in desperation.

The haunting silence of darkness hung like a shadow within the depths of her heart. As though, there was no light amongst the darkness within her existence. The light of dawn refused to appear and the sun refused to shine. Her everyday had become an eternal struggle just to survive.

“You promised you would never leave me or forsake me.” she demanded.

Still nothing! How was she to move on when tears and sorrow had embraced her soul and her life laid in ashes like the ruins of ancient age gone by and there were no traces of her footsteps within the valley of her despair?

“I've served you! I've given you everything! How could you let this happen?” She cried while pacing in the emptiness of her once filled life.

What to do! when a thorn has entered your vineyard and the wounds it's caused, cry out to be healed, when fear is holding your courage ransom and your soul stands in solitude while loneliness is choking on its tears of isolation?

“My God, help me make sense of all this?” she pleaded.

Pain and grief had become her constant companions. Who will listen or understand when her life no longer had the belief to run within her veins and she had become a fugitive within her own mind shackled like a slave within her own insanity?

“Stop! Out of my vineyard,” she commanded. “I'm a new creature in Christ Jesus. Versatile and resilient and cannot be defeated.” as she rose from her knees and stood tall to fight that which made her weak.

Thorn! What thorn? You are an individual of immense courage within the battlefield of life and there is no greater battle than that which will be fought with your own life. You must not, despite the pain, the despair, the grief, the intensity, the loneliness within your life, surrender the very essence of your dignity and hope to the enemy which hovers around you in pursuit of conquering both your mind and your soul. What you accomplish in your life and those around you tomorrow will be determined to the extent you are willing to go with God Today!

“When I am overwhelmed, you alone know the way I should turn...” Psalm 142:3 (NLT).

Michael Cochran

The Vineyard’s Thorn