It stood on ancient sanctial ground

a large stone building, safe and sound.


I entered in, quite unprepared,

to find the love that others shared,

for in that house, so cold and silent

I heard the words, 'Find Me - Repent.'


I looked about and on the wall,

a cross of iron made the call.


'Find Me - Repent,' it said again.

I was lost, what did it mean ?

Forgotten scriptures came to mind.

I knew then Who I had to find.


But how to find Him, where to look,

this Man Deliverer, whose life we took.


A priest appeared and stood by me

and on my knees then I could see

no priest, but in priestly guise

the Son, God offered in sacrifice.


'Find Me,' He said, there - to my face

and I saw His love, humility and His grace.


But how ? But how? Then with a start,

I knew the way was through my heart.

From that time on I felt a glow,

the happiness that Christians know.


A life of darkness left behind,

A trust in Him that others find

the path from which to be aware

the love of God of which I share.


Roger Stapenhill


The Way