Remembrance 1914 to ...?



REMEMBRANCE 1914 to .…?

The call has come; they gather as one,

From mill and factory, from farm and home  

Little they know of the years ahead,

Many will sadly soon be dead.

After the training the Channel is crossed,

Foreign soil is where most are lost.

The killing fields beckon; the enemy’s there,
Shells are dropping, noise everywhere.

They dive for cover and hit the ground,

Bullets fly, smoke all around.

On the attack - the brave lads try,

Many fall; so many die!

Remember them – yes, but learn from our history,
In countless conflicts, mad human misery.

When will the blood no longer be spilled,
When will the earth with peace be filled?

Remember and honour them; we’re their tomorrow.

Remember their sacrifice, where many will follow.

As we see it repeated more and more,

Remember and honour them, stop the war!


Alan Edward

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