Spare a Thought


Decorations in house and street,

inducing thoughts of festive treat.

Christmas cards with usual rhymes

bring usual greetings for auld lange syne.


But spare a thought for Jesus.


Food collected, drinks in store,

there's never room for any more.

Fun and games to make you jolly,

crackers, parties, balloons and holly.


But spare a thought for Jesus.


Wrapping paper, a secret thought,

hiding away the gifts you've bought.

Singing carols, they're pleasant on ear

and they sound right for this time of year.


But spare a thought for Jesus.


Exciting times on Christmas morn,

opening presents from early dawn.

Stockings and dear old Santa Clause,

Christmas pudding and brandy sauce.


But spare a thought for Jesus


Scattered toys throughout the day,

awaiting time for new owner's play.

Fairy lights on Christmas trees

and families sharing memories.


But spare a thought for Jesus, spare a thought.


Roger Stapenhill


Spare A Thought