The Palm Sunday Prayer


Almighty God, father of us all,

we remember how our lord, your only son Jesus Christ was hailed and glorified as he rode

into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.


He came not at the head of an all-conquering army.

Not aboard a magnificent chariot.

Not astride a great warhorse,

but sitting upon that most humble of beasts – a donkey.

He who is the greatest of us all came in humility and in peace.


His followers that day were not dressed for battle;

they were not trained in the arts of war.

Yet he came with the greatest weapon that this world has ever known:

the person and the word of God.


We remember how the cheers and hallelujahs that greeted our lord that day turned all too

soon to the cries of hate and ridicule that only he and you knew were to lead to his

predestined agony.

And yet he came.


For generations unborn, he came;

for those who had gone before, he came;

for the sinners, he came;

for the innocent, he came.

For us, he came.

And for that, lord we give our thanks.


We thank you for the courage and selflessness of your son who came as a man to ride a

donkey to certain agony, death and glory.

Almighty God, we pray that you will help us as we strive to be worthy of the great torment

that our lord so willingly rode to face that day.


Graham J Evans.












The Palm Sunday Prayer

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