I1st November 1952 - the US detonates the world's first hydrogen bomb.


3rd November 1957 - the Soviet Union launches the first living thing to go into orbit, a dog called Laika, in Sputnik II.


5th November 1605 - the Catholic 'Gunpowder Plot' to assassinate James I is discovered and Guy Fawkes is arrested


7th November 1917 - the Bolsheviks overthrow Russia's provisional government in the world's first organised revolution.


11th November 1918 - fighting in WW1 ceases with the signing of an armistice between Germany and the Allies at 11am.


14th November 1973 - Princess Anne marries Mark Phillips.


18th November 1991 - Terry Waite freed in Beirut after being held hostage for 1760 days.


20th November 1944 - the blackout ends in London as the lights of Piccadilly, the Strand and Fleet Street are switched on.


22nd November 1963 - US President John F Kennedy is assassinated by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas.


24th November 1859 - Charles Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species' is published, creating a sensation across the academic world.


25th November 1981 - Brixton riots caused by racial tension


29th November 1919 - Lady Nancy Astor becomes the first woman member of parliament to take her seat.


30th November 2005 - John Sentamu is enthroned as Archbishop of York, the first black archbishop of the Church of England.

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