This story began thirty years before my Sis went home to be with her Lord. “What is Sis calling me for at 2 o’clock in the Morning” , I thought. A thousand reasons flowed through my mind echoing like some unfamiliar chant. “Mike”, she said. I never heard anything else. A sudden numbness engulfed my entire being as I replied. “We’re leaving now”. I couldn’t believe mum was gone. We were just back home two weeks ago celebrating Mikey’s first birthday. That night the snow storm of all storms covered my hometown prolonging all the misery and hell as far as I was concerned. The chapel was packed three nights with hundreds of folk paying their last respect. I knew mum was well liked but who could love her as much as I did. “God, if only I’d been home”.

In my mind I replayed those memories as I was making my way back to sit with Sis. She’d stepped in being more of mum than a sister over the years because of the twenty year gap in our age. Somehow, I knew I’d been chosen to be by her side when her golden heart stopped beating and my loved one quietly and peacefully slipped from this earth and entered into the gates of heaven. Lord God, why me, was echoing in my thoughts. If I could make this plea convincing enough. Maybe just maybe, I’d be released from the hardest task I could ever be asked to do. In the midst of this intense struggle an unexplainable inner quietness brought my soul and mind into a perfect rest. And, whatever lay before me was in His hands.


Family, friends and yes, I believe “angels” had been gathered at my niece’s home for nearly a week surrounding my Sis with love and respect. We prayed and sang songs of comfort and praise. Really not knowing the fullness of what would be next. It was nearly dawn now and everyone was trying to get a little sleep where ever they could find a corner as I was sitting holding her hand. I knew when her spirit left to be with the Lord. At that moment, I felt the brush of angels’ wings as they ushered her away. The room filled with a heavenly scent, it was the most beautiful aroma I’ve ever smelled. The bittersweet memory of that God experience---the day Sis went home, the day the angels came for her will forever be etched in my mind.

My mind became so clear that morning that God is a God of Order! I was instructed who to wake and to allow everyone to receive His deep expression of love for them. That morning rang with the choir of angels and the chariots of God sweeping the sky with brush strokes of painted glory and majesty! I will never be the same and can't believe anyone that was present will ever be the same either.

Michael W.Cochran

My Heart, My Mind