Advent is the season when we prepare for the coming of Jesus. Hence the name of Advent, from the Latin Adventus, “coming”. It is a season lost in symbolism the meaning of which depends often on your understanding of Church Tradition.


However what remains key is the preparation for the coming of Jesus and at times Advent has been seen much in the same way as Lent as a time of self reflection in order to prepare for the return of Jesus. It is also a time to prepare to remember his first coming at Christmas.


The coming back of Jesus is either ignored, or often played down by many but it is a key tenant of the  Church, every time we say the Nicene Creed we confirm “He will come again in Glory to judge the living and the dead, and his Kingdom shall have no end”


Others want to interpret every earthquake or fall of Government as a sign of the return of Jesus, trying to glean every last detail from texts such as Mark 13, indeed many cults today will offer quite specific advice about where and when Jesus will return and who or who will not be part of the group he will come for.. Jesus told us himself, when asked when he would return “it is not for you to know times and seasons, which the Father has fixed by His own authority” Acts 1v7.


The key facts are that the season is set it will happen  and if as the church believed then His coming back was near it is nearer now for sure.


Are we ready could we welcome Jesus into our Home today? Or would we want to tidy things away, first? Could we let Jesus into our work place? Jesus will return and this world will come to an end that is clear are you ready. His return will be a point of Judgement and the question that will be asked then is “when you gave your life to Jesus?” and “when did you enter into a relationship with the Saviour?” if the answer is “not yet” it may be too late!!


 The early church took an expression from Judaism “Maranatha” which was used to talk about judgement and had the sense that the Lord would Judge and turned instead into an expression which carried the meaning “Our Lord Cometh” the Greek equivalent is in Revelation 22 v20 “Amen Come Lord Jesus”


Let this Advent when we prepare ourselves and examine ourselves to prepare for the coming of Jesus and let’s take that early Church phrase “Maranatha” and use it as both encouragement and blessing to one another this Advent time.

Keith Beaumont


Maranatha Come Lord Jesus