A Tale of True Love for St. Valentine’s Day


“Newspaper Fred?”  The man behind the counter watched as the old man came through the door.

“Yes please and a bag of those herbal sweets.”  Fred was looking a bit anxious.

“How’s your hand doing?”  the shopkeeper asked.  

“I’m just going to have the stitches out.”  Fred handed across a five pound note.

“You still haven’t said how you did it.” The shopkeeper went to the till.

“Stupid really,” Fred answered.  “The grass was getting a bit long so I decided to cut it.  My son John usually does it but he’s been working all hours lately so I thought shouldt to do it, for Alice like.  I always remember the day we first saw the house she said, ‘It’s lovely Fred, I can just see the kids playing on that lawn but you must keep the grass short.  It soon gets overgrown you know.’  We hadn’t even got any kids then but well, I’ve never let it get too long since.  Alice wouldn’t like it.  Anyway I got John’s mower out and forgot it was a rotor so of course when it jammed, I put my hand under it.  Still I was lucky really, it was only a cut,” the old man chuckled, “now I know how the grass feels.”


As Fred left the shop he saw his bus leave the stop. “Oh no, it’s early again,” and looked at his watch to see how long he’d need to wait for the next one.


“Sorry Mr. Aliquis, You’ve  missed your appointment but if you’ll wait we’ll try to fit you in a bit later.  It was quite an important appointment you know.  Those stitches mustn’t be left in too long, they can cause a lot of problems if they’re left in too long..”   The receptionist at the clinic tossed her head back to emphasise the point.

“How long?  Fred had that flustered look again.  “Please, I’m in a hurrry, I’ve got to..”

“Sorry you should have thought of that earlier, before you were late.” A haughty look followed this latest telling off.

Fred went over to one of the chairs in the waiting area, a tear was edging itself from an eye.  He sat down despondent.

It was just then a door opened, Fred looked round.  The nurse came out of the cubicle.

“Oh Fred, Mr Aliquis, I’ve been waiting for you, come in,” she gave a smile.

“Sorry, everything is going wrong this morning.” Fred gave a slight if embarrassed smile.


It was later, the last stitch had just been removed.

“Tell me,” the nurse asked, “What’s your hurry, you seem quite flustered?”

“I always go to visit Alice, my wife, she’s in the nursing home. We always have breakfast together then I read some of the newspaper to her.  She can’t read any more and she always wanted to keep up with the news.”

“What’s wrong with her? is she blind or something.?”  The nurse was puzzled.

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that.”  Fred looked at her, a straight look..  “She’s got Alzheimers.”

“Oh God, I’m sorry Fred.  I didn’t know.” The sorrow showed across the nurse’s face.  “My Dad..”  she stopped herself.  “At least she still recognises you.”

“Oh no.”  Fred interrupted.  “She can’t recognise me, she hasn’t done for five years now but I recognise her!”  


Have you thought, God must be very much like Fred.  Fred is always there for his wife though she fails to recognise him.  How many times do we fail to recognise God? but God never fails to recognise us and just like Fred is always there for his wife, God is always there for us.

True Love, A Tale for St. Valentine’s Day

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