Imagine a star shining bright in the sky

a man and a woman with nowhere to lie

a stable so lowly nothing more to be found

a mattress of straw on the hard ground


Imagine a baby being born on that night

with cattle and donkeys watching his plight

the warmth of their bodies is all they can share

the very first love, the very first care


Imagine that child in a manger of hay

Him sleeping so peaceful to the break of the day

when down from the hills and leaving their sheep

come shepherds so simple with a faith that’s so deep


Imagine three kings who followed the star

with gifts of gold, frankincense, myrrh

entering that stable so very poor

and flinging themselves down, flat on the floor


Imagine a child born to be King

Imagine us as alleluias we sing

Imagine a God who gave us his word

Then imagine that babe, our Saviour, our Lord


Roger Stapenhill