Three lads wearing hoodies stood outside the pearly gates.  They stood there for a while then one, obviously the leader gave a very hard knock.


St. Peter ran to the gates, looked through the peep hole and saw them standing there.  Through his intercom he politely asked their names and told them to wait.


Then off he ran to God’s chamber and gently knocked on his door.

“Come in,” said God his face with its usual loving smile.

“We’ve got three lads wanting to come in,” St. Peter said.

“Well, what’s stopping you? let them in,” God looked a little perturbed.

“But they look sort of  difficult, and I can’t see their faces, they’re all wearing hoodies.” Peter replied.

“Nonsense,” said God.  “It’s just the fashion, all the lad’s are wearing them these days..”  God gave that warming smile again.

So off Peter went back to let them in.  A few moments later he was back and totally alone.

“Too late, they’ve gone,” he said.

“What, the lads?”

“No, the gates. The lads have all got new hoodies!”