This is not my original thought but it is based on something that I remember seeing on the Internet.


What does the word guidance mean to you?  To me since reading that article it has taken on a whole new meaning.


Let’s look at just the first three letters; G, U and  I

Now substitute God for the G and you now have ‘God, U and I’ or better expressed as ‘God, you and I’.  


So let’s look at the first part of the word again and see what we have:

God, you and I dance.


Now we’ll go a stage further, when two people dance, one needs to lead with the other following.  That way things move really smoothly.  Just let both try to lead and see what happens. Stamping on each others feet, kicking each others shins and you’re all out of balance.  


And what happens if nobody leads?  That’s right nothing.  You get absolutely nowhere.  Someone has to take the lead on the dance floor, just a slight press on the arm or nudge in the back and the ‘follower’ knows which way to go.


So back to that word yet again and see what we have:

God, you and I dance, with someone leading.  So who is to lead?


Well we all know what happens if we try to go our own way.  Woops!  It’s best to go God’s way.  He’s usually very subtle, just that slight nudge in the back to steer us in the right direction because as in dancing that’s all it takes.  


Are you ready for that slight nudge, or are you going to get your feet stamped on?


Roger Stapenhill