A Forgotten Land


There is a land that time forgot

where they love their fellow man,

where help and friendship form ev'ry law

and are first in each command.


No one wants in this strange land

but no one's share immense,

for all's bestowed by common law.

Priority - common sense.


No politics, for there's no need,

no false promises or lies,

just pure thoughts in honest minds

that no one can despise.


Money's never needed

it only cases greed,

one policy called giving,

fulfilling ev'ry need.


No wars with needless killing,

there is no need of them.

No armies, so no battles,

no battles, no problem.


You may wonder where this land is

without worry fear or fuss.

I'll tell you where this land is!

It's here, in all of us.




I make no apologies for this poem, as corny or badly composed that it may be. I just believe it to be true.

Roger Stapenhill