If you have an unusual epitaph or memorial on a grave stone in your local churchyard, or have seen one at another church, please share it with others on this page.


The first is a memorial to the ‘Faithful Pepper who died in 1807 at the age of 81 and can be seen in the churchyard of the Church of St. John the Baptist, Keele.


                          Befooled by sin from childhood to three score

                           The yoke of Satan willingly he bore.

                          He boldly braved the terrors of the Lord

                           Dispis'd his threatenings and defied his sword.

                           But heaven with pity his delusions saw

                           Awoke him with the thunders of the law.

                           Shame and remorse now stung his altered mind:

                           He felt his wretchedness and long'd to find

                           A shelter from th'impending wrath of God:

                           He sought and found it in his Saviour's blood.

                           Wholly (sic holy) and happy were his following years

                           Til death removed him from the vale of tears.



Another From St. John’s, Keele


In the doom of youth hast loved their God

And in the paths of virtue trod

In others grief a part they bore

The needy shared their little store

They viewed the world with pious dread

And to their Saviour for protection fled


William Wakelin   Thomas Wakelin

24th May 1812     30th October 1812

age 22    age 21





A Third From St. John’s


Loved wife farewell upon thy silent bier

Your lonely husband sheds the frequent tear

Tis his sad lot, thy absence to deplore

And now to him, Life’s pleasuresare no more

Thine was the love that sweetened  human life

Thine were the virtues of the tender wife

Bereft of thee, his comfort here below

Vain earthly joy to heal thy Partners woe

To sooth, to soften & assuage his Grief

All heavenly hope is now his last relief

The steadfast Hope that thou art greatly blest

In the bright Regionsof eternal rest


Elizabeth wifet of Thomas Haywood

Died January 24th 1790

age 31


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