Well-known Easter hymns, but they have had their words jumbled up.


1. lla oyrlg audl and orouhn

2. lla nveaeh arlsdcee

3. nda acn ti eb

4. eb lstli nda nkwo hatt i ma ogd

5. eb tllsi fro teh erscnepe fo eht rdol

6. earebht no em tabahr fo gdo

7. hrsict het rlod si eisnr ydaot

8. ofmr anehev ouy ocme

9. eh si rdol

10. i ecandd ni eht grnnimo

11. i oknw taht ym rdemreee eilsv

12. amke wya, amek awy

13. onrmnig ahs eonkrb

14. deri no, ider no ni mateysj

15. Kroc fo gsae

16. eth dol rgdeug srcos

17. heter si a negre illh raf awya

18. tnihe eb teh lgoyr

19. eerw ouy heter

20. enwh i rsevuy the dunroswo ocsrs




1. All Glory Laud and Honour

2. All Heaven Declares

3. And can it be

4. Be still and know that I am God

5. Be still for the presence of the lord

6. Breathe on me breath of God

7. Christ the lord is risen today

8. From Heaven you came

9. He is lord

10. I danced in the morning

11. I know that my redeemer lives

12. Make way, make way

13. Morning has broken

14. Ride on, ride on in majesty

15. Rock of ages

16. The old rugged cross

17. There is a green hill far away

18. Thine be the glory

19. Were you there

20. When I survey the wondrous cross




Easter Hymns

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