I remember as a young boy picking my mum bouquets of dandelions. The smile that came to her face, the gentle kiss on my forehead and the soft words she spoke as she reconfirmed what I already knew. “Sweetie, those are the prettiest flowers I’ve ever seen.” She would say. “How about we put them on the table where everyone can see them.” I’m convinced they were beautiful since they always made her happy.

Years later I moved into my own home and my neighbours were consumed with the war they’d declared on the “dreaded dandelion.” I sheepishly grinned within because I knew they were up against a worthy opponent. Nonetheless, they brought in their heavy artillery and advanced across the battlefield destroying and crushing under their feet, mum’s favorite flower.

One early morning, while having a cup of coffee on my deck, admiring the beautiful array of yellow dining room flowers canvassing my “No War Zone.” I was reminded, everything and everybody that God created is beautiful and valuable in His eyes, designed with a purpose.

I’ve learned three valuable lessons from the dandelion. First, they will bring a smile to a mother’s eyes. Second, they aren’t destroyed when they’re exposed to heat. Thirdly, they spring forth the next morning full of life. No matter how hard they were hit the day before. I do realize I said three reasons, but this one is free since this is my story and I can. My grandpa always said, “If, Jesus can turn water into wine. Then certainly he can make a good wine out of  a dandelion.”

And, a final thought to pass on about the dandelion is, even though you can’t see it at dawn’s break, doesn’t mean it’s not there. So is, our faith the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. The dandelion springs forth with new life when exposed to the morning sun, just as our faith becomes alive when we’re exposed to the “Son.”

Michael W.Cochran

Faith and the Dandelion