The Christmas Window

One day in December I happened to pass,

In the high street, a window with nine panes of glass.

And on each a letter all covered in snow,

Which spelled the word "Christmas" when read row by row.

And it caused me to wonder what Christmas might mean,

To the thousands of people who passed by that scene.


C is for crackers - each contains a surprise,

And then there is M and I think of mince pies.

R stands for Rudolph who has a red nose,

And pulls Santa's sleigh wherever he goes.

S is for stocking that's filled up with toys,

Brought by Santa for good girls and boys.


A stands for adverts - there's still time yet,

To shop till you drop, and pile up the debt.


I for illuminations twinkling so bright,

T is for tinsel which catches their light.

H stands for holly, red and green,

Brightening up the winter scene.

One final letter - I'm sure you know,

That S stands for Santa - the star of the show.


But as I continued to ponder these things,

I thought "Is that all that this season brings?"

Is there nothing more than the food and the fun,

And the tinsel and glitter which soon will be gone?

It was then I remembered a story that's true,

And nine different images came into view.


C stands for census ordered by Rome, for that's how the story began,

Amazing how everything fell into place, but then it was all in God's plan.

I stands for inn, which sadly was full when Joseph and Mary arrived,

R stands for Room - there was none to be had except in a stable outside.


S stands for Shepherds, watching their flocks in the fields near Bethlehem.

A for the Angel who brought them the news that a Saviour was born unto them.


M stands for Magi - from eastern lands, men who were really wise,

They were led to the child who was Israel's king, by a star they observed in the skies.

H stands for Herod a wicked man, who lied to the wise men and said,

"I too would like to worship this child", but he planned to kill Him instead.


T stands for treasures the Magi brought - gold, frankincense and myrrh,

Which, when they had found and worshipped the child, they presented to him there.


The central letter still remains, but now it should be clear,

That S stands for Saviour - the Lord Jesus Christ, whose birth is the reason we're here.


Author unknown

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