“If something isn’t broken don’t fix it” we do not like change we want things to stay the same, or do we. When it comes to the house we all like a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom well before 1908 we couldn’t since James Spangler only just invented it. Had it not been for the sales        promotion of Mr Hoover it might never had made it to the commercial market place. Before 1880 we would not have got stuck behind a caravan and imagine before 1892 there was no such thing as a tractor, imagine how fast we could travel then, except most of us were only able to walk as cars were  a rarity the first mass produced car the Model T Ford not being produced until 1908.                                                                                      

When it comes to church most of us are even more certain that  we do not want change, things are all right as they are. Well if we do not want change, the average preach in the seventeenth century was at least an hour and the congregations usually stood or if we go back even further services were in Latin or further still the early church services were in homes and hired rooms no sense of a Church building then.                                              

What we really mean is we like what we like and do not like anything else but think back to the Golden Age when Sunday school was a must, two services a day were the norm and  nothing else happened on a Sunday ever. As a youth I recall serving at a minimum of three services a morning every Sunday and then once on a Wednesday before School.                                     


So really we do not usually mean “we do not like change that has taken place”, we are concerned about where change might lead us to or what might happen to the bits we like now?                                                                            

First I have to ask  a question for whom does Church exist?.  Certainly not for those of us who are members!! The church is the body of Christ on earth hear to do the work of Jesus which as he said Himself “ is to preach good news….. and recovery of sight to the blind” We exist for those who are not yet members therefore our question should be what must we do to reach the others who do not come? Once we have the answer to that question the next stage is simple, do it!!                                                                   

So before we next complain about change ask this question is it having an effect ? Are new folk coming in?  If not perhaps we try something else or would you prefer the hour glass back in the pulpit


K V Beaumont FCMI

Why Change?

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