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The Parish Magazine is considered by many to be the window of the Church. This, in my view can easily be extended to the window of the whole parish and as such puts a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of all Parish/Church magazine editors.


I’ve been an editor for over twenty years, and I, like a good many editors regularly worry that some item won’t arrive in time and as has happened so many times, I’ll end up scouring the Internet looking for suitable material to fill those missing pages (praying that I’m not contravening copyright).


This site with your help can hopefully put an end to this.  If we all share our resources we will certainly at least halve our problems and this is the place to do just that. What’s more, apart from a few minutes of your time the resources are entirely free.


I have heard it said, ‘We have a good team to put our magazine together and don’t need help’.  If this is the case, then you are the right sort of person to help others. There is one editor that I know of who not only has the job of finding articles to go in his magazine, he also has the job of printing, collating and delivering.

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Christian Articles and Stories

You may freely use any of the items on this website for your Parish/Church magazine, however we do ask that you tell us what you have used and in which magazine so that we can inform the contributor and that you always display the author / contributors name with any work that you publish.

Most items can be copied and pasted but if you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Puz. Easter Hymns 06/06/15

Puz. Saints and their Symbols 06/06/15

Dev. Forgiveness 06/06/15

Art. Slavery 06/06/15

Art. Praying Hands 06/06/15

Art. Homelessness & the Church 04/06/15

Dev. Bishop Riah’s Easter Message 14/04/15

Dev. The Palm Sunday Prayer 06/04/15

Art. Putting God First 22/03/15

Art. Faith and Mothers 17/03/15

Art. Faith and Physics 13/03/15

Art. Faith and Poetry 13/03/15

Art. Are You Sitting Comfortably? 13/03/15

Art. The Father Sees in Secret 05/02/15

Dev. Snowdrops 05/02/15

Art. True Love, A Tale for St. Valentine’s Day 11/01/16

Dev. Ash Wednesday 10/01/15

Dev. Then I’ll Begin... 05/01/15

Poem Remembrance 1914 to.. ? 02/01/2015

Puz. Christmas Wordsearch 07/11/14

Link The Association for Church Editors 05/11/14

Poem The Bird of Dawning


Poem Salutation to the Dawn 03/10/14

Dev. Autumn 29/09/14

Dev.The Last Episode 01/09/14

Art. 2 more Epitaphs 21/08/14

Poem Don’t Quit 17/08/14

Dev. Angels 12/08/14

Art. Summer Solstice 19/06/14

Puz. 5 New Crosswords (Tilford Teasers) 19/06/14

Hum. Communion Wafers 19/05/14

Dev. Fruits of the Spirit 19/05/14

Hum. Atheist’s Day & Flight into Egypt 17/04/14

Dev. Waiting is not Passive 08/04/14

Dev. Ascension 08/04/14

Young Saint? Casper 02/03/14

Links pick and print gallery 26/02/14

Dev. Overflowing Joy 26/02/14

Dev. Encountering the Risen Christ 26/02/14

Poet. I am the New Year 01/02/14

Art. Examining your Life 30/01/14

Hum. A Christmas Safety Warning 18/12/13

Hum. How to get to Heaven 07/12/13

Link Christian resources and illustrations 23/11/13

Puz. Tilford Teaser 7 21/11/13

Puz. Tilford Teaser 6 21/11/13

Puz. Tilford Teaser 5 21/11/13

Dev. Christmas Thoughts 5/11/13

Puz. Tilford Teaser 4 19/10/13

Puz. Tilford Teaser 3 19/10/13

Puz. Tilford Teaser 2  19/10/13

Puz. Tilford Teaser 1 19/10/13

Dev. Remembrance Day 04/10/03

Art. Throne of Grace 04/10/13

Art. Hymn Stories 3 04/10/13

Dev. St. Luke, October 18/09/13

Art. Be of Good Cheer 12/09/13

Art. Hymn Stories 1 31/08/13

Art. Hymn Stories 2 31/08/13

Art. Learn from a Jigsaw Puzzle 23/08/13

Dev. Holy Cross Day 14/08/13

Art. Reflection 14/08/13

Art. The Gospel Writers 14/08/13

Art. The Influence of the Holy Spirit 04/07/13

Dev. The Blessed Virgin Mary 04/07/13

Art. Worth Trying For! 04/07/13

Poet Smiling is Infectious 21/06/13

Poet The Shock upon Entering Heaven 21/06/13

Art. A Time of Stress and Trauma


Art. Who’s In Your Church 17/6/13

Art. Dying to Live 17/06/13

Art. My Sheep Hear My Voice 17/06/13

Dev. Leaps of Faith 01/04/13

Art. We are Saints 01/04/13

Art. Peace in the Storm 13/03/13

Dev. Why should we observe Lent 01/02/13

Dev. Prophesy 01/02/13

Art. Why is my Bible different to yours? 30/01/12

Art. Does God Demand Blind Faith? 26/01/12

Dev. Expressions of Faith 16/01/13

Art. Funny isn’t it! 09/01/13

Dev. Ash Wednesday and Lent 08/01/13

Dev. Let The Be Light 08/01/13

Dev. Come to Me 08/12/12

Dev. The Cancer of Compromise


Art. Christian Days of the Week 18/11/12

Dev. Lo He Comes! 17/11/12

Dev. Thanksgiving and Hard Times 17/11/12

Dev. The Beginning of Sorrows 17/11/12

Art.  The Starfish 21/10/12

Dev.  Incline your ear 19/10/12

Dev. The One and Only! 12/10/12

Hum. Who would you give the job to? 06/09/12

Hum. The Prodigal Son 06/09/12

Art. St. Luke 03/09/12

Dev. Unbridled Quest 03/09/12

Art. A Faith to Die For 16/08/12

Dev. An Inspiring Teacher 16/08/12

Art. Why would God want me? 03/08/12

Dev. Waves of the Sea 20/07/12

Dev. Vanishing Mist 19/07/12

Dev. Hidden Treasures 14/07/12

Dev. Truth or Consequences 08/07/12

Dev. Excess Baggage 06/07/12

Dev.  You are the Messiah 06/07/12

Hum. The Monks  30/06/12

Hum. The Hoodies 30/06/12

Dev. Divided Loyalties 30/06/12

Dev. St. Mary Magdalene 08/06/12

Dev. Healing is a Gift 05/06/12

Art. Rectors, Vicars, Patrons and Parishes part 4 01/06/12

Art. Rectors, Vicars, Patrons and Parishes part 3 01/06/12

Art. When things go wrong 31/05/12

Hum. Mouths of Innocents 31/05/12

Dev. John the Baptist 26/05/12

Poet. Count Your Blessings 23/05/12

Hum. The Secretary’s Prayer - 23/04/12

Art. Wartime Golf Club Rules - 18/04/12

Dev. The Holy Trinity 12/04/12

Dev. The Paths of Righteousness


Art. 8 Free Gifts 2/04/12

Dev. Cherokee Rite of Passage


Art. Rectors, Vicars, Patrons & Parishes 2/04/12

Hum. Communications Joke 30/03/12

Dev. The Ascension 30/03/12

Hum. More Jokes 14/03/12

Art. Epitaphs and Memorials 13/03/12

Art. We all need a tree 03/03/12

Dev  Mothering Sunday


Dev Easter, Queen of Festivals


Dev  The Whole Armour of God


Dev. The Start of Lent - 01/01/2012

Dev. The Sound of Love - 29/12/11

Art. United Reform Church - 04/12/11

Art. I Beg Your Pardon - 25/11/11

Art. Broken Altar - 12/11/11

Dev. The Advent Season - 12/11/11

Art. Take your seat, please - 9/11/11

Art. Storm Chaser - 9/11/11

Art. Unholy Matrimony - 9/11/11

Link Colouring Pages - 27/10/11

Art. Rest Stop Religion - 27/10/11

Art. Recipe for a Happy New Year - 27/10/11

Poe. A Christmas Window - 27/10/11

Art. Silent Night - 27/10/11

Art. Advent - 13/10/11

Art. Reindeer Facts - 13/10/11

Hum. Paraprosdokians - 13/10/11

Dev. Maranatha Come Lord Jesus- 12/10/11

Art. This month in history: November - 10/10/11

Dev. Put Your Praise On - 10/10/11

Hum A Cat Story - 10/10/11

Dev. Do we love God? 10/10/11

Dev. Remembrance Sunday 03/10/11

Hum. Collection of jokes - 29/09/11

Art. The Magi - 29/09/11

Dev. Nowhere Man, Nowhere Land - 29/09/11

Art. Why Change? - 29/09/11

Art. Should Christians celebrate Halloween? - 29/09/11

Hum.  The Four Worms - 2909/11

S/S. The Vineyard’s Thorn - 22/09/11

Art. Creation and Evolution - 22/09/11

Dev. Mountain of Truth - 22/09/11

Poem When I say I am a Christian - 22/09/11

Art. The Sense of a Goose - 15/09/11

Art. The Baptist Church - 14/09/11

Poem When a Star Shone in the East - 14/09/11

Puz. Archbishops (1) Word Search - 14/09/11

Art. The Mouse Trap - 14/09/11

Art. The First Person, a tale of remembrance - 09/09/11

Art. The Methodist Church 09/09/11

Art. A Grand Day Out - 09/09/11

Poem  A Different Poem - 05/09/11

Dev. The Lord’s Prayer - 09/09/11

Art. Short History of the Christadelphians - 05/09/11

Link  A useful lectionary - 05/09/11

Art.  The Bell      - 31/08/11

Hum. Things Kids Say  - 31/08/11

Art. Hope      - 31/08/11

Dev. Guilt and Forgiveness - 25/08/11

Puz. Disciple Quiz    -  25/08/11

Puz. 3 Cryptograms - 25/08/11

Dev. I cannot pray - 25/08/11

Poet The Bible in 50 Words - 15/08/11

Hum. True origins of the Internet -  15/08/11

Art. If I must perish 12/08/11

Art. Moment by Moment - 12/08/11

Art. Never Give Up - 12/08/11

Art. - My Heart, My Mind         - 08/08/11

Art. - Faith and the Dandelion - 08/08/11

Art. - Admission Free   - 04/08/11

Art. - Helping Hands    - 04/08/11

Art. - Tiny Frogs           - 04/08/11

Link - Hymn Stories      - 04/08/11

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